We are a group of Consultants led by our Principal, Madhavi Anita Chodankar (http://www.linked.com/in/MadhaviChodankar) who specialize in providing outsourced consulting services such as –

  • Business Strategy and Business Model Development
  • Business, Digital, and Customer Experience Management Transformation
  • Product Management and Growth
  • Service Design and improving Customer Service and Self-Service Systems and Processes
  • Market Research, and Social Media Marketing
  • M&A Integration, Business Systems Analysis, Post-M&A Business Transformation
  • Post-Covid19, Lockdown Business Transformation

Our work is completely value based and goal driven. If we do not help you achieve the goals that we together agree to meet, we will not charge you for those services. Our goal is to help small and medium size companies primarily, helping them find reliable help on an as-required basis (even as short as a week).

We are all 100% US based Consultants only and our goal is to make you happy and help you achieve your organization goals, rather exceed them!

Write to us at anita@excellarate.com for a free assessment. We will review your current challenges, analyze impacts and underlying processes and help put together solution path that will amplify your customer experiences, identify new opportunities to reduce costs and improve profitability pipeline.

Ask us for our work references and talk to our past clients before you start work with us.

Our commitment to you is that we will deliver the highest quality work, within optimal time and optimized cost!