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HAPPY CUSTOMERS are those who have a consistent “WOW” experience with your brand/product/service

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The CICX Framework

The CICX Framework captures customer’s emotions at each interaction point within a journey and uses a proprietary methodology to analyze, measure, monitor,  and continuously improve the customer experience at each touch point; creating a consistent and personalized experience across every channel that will WOW the customer.

The CICX framework encapsulates Lean, Design thinking, Emotion Mapping to create “Happy Customers”.

For more information about CICX research and to read my reviews and recommendations on improving experiences with products and services to scale adoption and customer engagement with the brand, read the CICX Blog.

Lessons learnt from several CX transformation initiatives

Most companies assume they consistently deliver an excellent experience to their customers. But according to Forrester’s 2015 Customer Experience Index, only 1% of companies actually do. And addressing this issue is becoming increasingly important because, like Gartner found in a recent survey, the customer experience is fast becoming the new battlefield.


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